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    In short, color can make or break your design.

    •Challenge your brain often. Give your brain a workout by doing puzzles and trying new things. This will expose you to different ideas and you can add that to your mind bank of ideas. Preview Click the image below to see it in full size. Step 1: Scanning Your Inks In this tutorial, I’m going to use my own illustration. Feel free to use your own illustration or use the source file provided at the end of the tutorial to follow along. Make sure you are scanning in black and white. This ensures that you have solid black lines with no soft edges. This is important as we will be isolating the line art onto its own layer — it’s much easier to do this when the line art is clean and solid. Step 2: Isolating the Line Art Now that we have our image scanned, open it in Adobe Photoshop. We want to separate the inks onto their own layers for more control.
  • graphic design jobs houston entry level

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    In smaller companies this is obviously done all by one person but larger companies want to make sure they’re paying high level designers to do high level work, not copy changes. Mid Level DesignerThis takes almost no explanation and is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. As a mid level designer, you’re neither at the bottom or the top. You have a few years of experience, often anywhere from 3 7, that has earned you a reasonable pay bump and the freedom to actually engage in custom design projects from the ground up whether as a team member or solo designer. “These are the meat of the industry and tend to be the guys and girls who produce the largest volume of work. ”Advertising agencies, marketing companies, dedicated design firms, these are filled with midlevel designers. These are the meat of the industry and tend to be the guys and girls who produce the largest volume of work, which is then passed up the line for approval and suggestions. The pay varies widely, the hours can be crazy; this is the stereotypical graphic design job. Senior DesignerSenior designer is a pretty vague title as far as duties go. It’s typically gauged more by experience than duties, with those designers who have 6+ years of experience having a much better chance at landing a senior design position. A very typical example of a design team will have one or two senior designers, with a handful of low to mid level designers.
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    graphic design portfolio layout templates

    ICE needed a large batch of custom printed t shirts with printing on the front, back, and sleeves. We also had four separate screens for the backs of the shirts for the different volunteers which read either, “mentors,” “coach,” “tutor,” or “director. ” We also screen printed a nice little one color Chicago Blackhawks logo onto the sleeve of the shirts, because ICE is a Blackhawks Charity. These screen printed shirts turned out great, and the volunteers at ICE look like a real team out there helping the children in Chicago. This week we designed and printed another fun bachelorette party shirt. We love making these custom shirt designs that have specific meaning for each individual group we design them for; They’re perfect for giveaways, favors, and mementos at parties or events.
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