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⇓ Now our texture is only affecting our Hunter and a bit of his saddle. ⇓

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    Generating and updating content for networks such as Facebook and Twitter can be both a mental energy and time drain that gets your company nowhere.

    The project Album Colors Of The Year by Marcos Rodriguez and Zé Felipe draws attention to this design genre by showcasing the best covers of 2015. But the site is much more than only a showcase: the covers are arranged by color and hovering over one of them reveals the hex color value of its dominant color. A treasure chest for any designer. Could there be a better source for some fresh color inspiration?Cover design and hex color inspiration — a powerful combination. Image credit: Album Colors Of The YearGraphic Design On A Square InchStamps are boring?Not at all. They are the perfect example that great design doesn’t need a lot of space to fully unfold. For a fresh view on stamps, one that breaks with the widespread idea of a stamp collecting nerd, the Punk Philatelist is your place to go. The blog celebrates the passion with which artists create those tiny works of art and looks at the stamp collectors community with a wink. And if that’s not enough inspiration yet, the Postage Stamps collection on Flickr will keep you busy for quite a while, too. Eye candy par excellence. We use them daily without paying a lot of attention to them, yet they are one of the most challenging things to design: banknotes.
  • graphic design internship philadelphia 2018

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    Step 7: Textures I scanned in various watercolor textures that I made. If you are following along with the provided source file at the bottom of this tutorial, they are included in the layers. If you are scanning in your own textures in Photoshop, switch to the Move Tool V, Shift click on the scanned in texture and then drag it over into our main document. A possible option is to use the Watercolor Textures: Photoshop Brush Pack instead. It’ll look something like this: Now we just want this texture to affect the Hunter. In other words, we want to delete the texture off the Horse and the background.
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    And vehicle wraps boost name recognition 15 times more than any other form of advertising. It’s inexpensive, practical and an effective way to spread the word about new products and services. And yet thousands of small businesses fail to take advantage of this cost effective marketing tool, while wasting thousands on over priced advertisements. “But it’s not Twitter!” you protest. “And how do I know vehicle wraps actually work?” Sort through the hype here and get the real facts on vehicle wraps — the leading marketing tool for your small business needs. In today’s media saturated world, cost effective advertising is the difference between success and failure. The shift from traditional print campaigns to online marketing has left many small business owners wondering, “What should my company do to stay competitive and get noticed?” Advertising through traditional means, such as the Yellow Pages, is costly and no longer effective. Radio and television advertisements are simply too expensive for most small businesses to afford. And for all the hype, the online world is not any easier or affordable for small businesses. Marketing emails end up unread in the spam bin. Search engine pay per click advertising can quickly add up.
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    A creative thinker is someone great to have around because they will be able to give multiple ideas at a time. They will not give up easily and they will be a great contributor to a problem solving situation. What are the Benefits of Creative Thinking?Creative thinking has numerous benefits. It is a great skill that can really boost your value in the business world. Being able to think creatively can be a huge benefit to almost any industry or business. Self Improvement Buff Series:How to Adopt Creative Thinking5Creative thinking allows a person to come up with multiple ideas rather quickly.

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Drawing an anime character is probably the most difficult and interesting a part of anime cartoon drawing tutorial creation.